Pricing and Bidding Excellence

Defense Strategy

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Optimize your prices to reach your objectives in a maximally evidence-based manner based on customer willingness-to-pay and, whenever available, econometric evidence

Determine the most effective  bid strategy in high stake tenders or auction settings


Launch your new product or service based upon a deep understanding of customer preferences so that you maximum confidence and competitor responses so that you are bringing the right product or service to the right customer at the right price and with the most effective Unique Selling Proposition

Margin Management in Ultra-Competitive markets

New Market Entry

If you are operating in ultra-competitive markets, where competitors major pass time is to aggressively cut prices or steal customers, away from you,  there are still unused vehicles for margin improvement that we have successfully applied in numerous cases using our tested  proprietary decision-tree

Defend your market position thru effective vehicles, including fighting brands while maximally countering the threat and minimizing the impact on your flagship products.  And all of this in a rigorous evidence-based manner.