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Daniel Deneffe is the author (with Herman Vantrappen)

of the ground-breaking strategy book

Fad-Free Strategy: 

Rigorous Methods to Help Executives Make Strategic Choices Confidently 

This book is published by Routledge, the world's leading academic publisher

in the social sciences and humanities. 

Please click on the image to check out the book's website with descriptions,

reviews by top CEOs and business school professors. 

The website fadfreestrategy.com also includes a Q&A for executives

and business professors, tutorials and much more....

For an introduction, please check out Deneffe's TEDx talk on

Fad-Free Strategy :

Here Deneffe reviews why strategy fads have lost their appeal and

presents a path-breaking, somewhat back-to-basics way of thinking

about strategy that is more powerful.

The approach has solid behavioral foundations and is practical,

yet rigorous. Above all, it is relevant for all executives from any

type of company who do not want to put their careers on the line

by following simple non-generalizable rules. ​

​For other recent publications or press appearances, please check out

Don't put too much faith in ​business heroes, Management Today, August 2019 

Joint Ventures Reduce the Risk of Major Capital Investments, Harvard Business Review, April 2016 (with H. Vantrappen) 

How to Gradually Become a Different Company, Harvard Business Review,  October 2014 (with H. Vantrappen)

Don't Write Off the Western (Focused) Firm Yet, Harvard Business Review, January 2014 (with H. Vantrappen)

Overcoming the Real Barriers to Entry into Adjacent Markets, Prism (1) 2010, (with J. Vandermeersch and G. Venters)

Pricing in a Downturn: The Value of a Structured Pricing Approach, Arthur D. Little VIewpoint, 2009

Fad-Free Strategy

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